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Plugable introduced the “uncompromising” docking station for MacBook with USB port-C

Plugable Technologies has developed an original docking station for the new 12-inch MacBook, able to solve the main drawback of the laptop computer is the lack of available interface connectors. The accessory allows you to extend the connection of additional devices to your Mac.

Apple actually had third-party manufacturers to produce accessories for the MacBook with Retina display will have only one USB-C, which is also used for charging the battery.

Plugable Technologies calls novelty Ultimate Docking Station “uncompromising” Doc. With it, you can connect your laptop up to three external monitors and up to four peripheral devices with USB interface, using a single USB port-C.

Docking station dock can provide loads connected via USB, total power up to 60 watts. In addition, the configuration includes a network port, analog audio input and output.

To sell the dock assumes about $ 180. The first participants of the campaign could get the product for $ 80. Now the minimum payment, entitlement to a dock, is $ 100.

By the way, I have the Plugable experience in producing similar products in the asset model UD-3900, UD-3000 and UD-Pro8 (funds for the production of the latter also were collected on KickStarter).

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