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Plug Nope 2.0 web cameras for the day had 20 times more money than planned

This week the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg posted a photo from his workplace, and the media immediately noticed that his MacBook sealed with duct tape, a webcam and a microphone. So people worry about their safety, are protected from intruders even if a hacker to remotely connect to a webcam, he will not see anything — only a vague blur of colors of duct tape. For everyone who shares the fears Zuckerberg, was designed a high-tech alternative to the adhesive tape called Nope 2.0.

Nope 2.0 is a small cap, which consists of two flat magnets, the attraction between them works as a loopback mount. Using double-sided tape the smaller magnet is mounted next to the camera so that the larger magnet was in front of the lens. Folding and unfolding Nope 2.0, it’s easy to open and close the camera lens.

Nope 2.0 is compatible with any electronic gadgets – MacBook, iPad and iPhone. The thickness of the stub is so small (0.8 mm), which allows you to close the lid of the laptop.

The interest in devices indicates the activity of the participants of the Fund-raising site KickStarter. With the stated goal of $ 1,000 has already collected more than $ 20,000, and in the meantime the fundraising has only just begun.

The cost of one stub Nope 2.0 is $ 5. For $ 15 you can enjoy the six hole plugs, and a 25 — dozen. Delivery device the first customers will begin in September.

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