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Playing on the iPad only an hour, a 7-year-old child spent $6000

Many believe that the creators of the mobile apps live happily ever after – this is true, if their game is popular among users. Another option appears to be enriched when the gadget falls into the hands of children. For example, as was the case with 7-year-old Faizulla the Sludge, which was played with the iPad.

At some point the child turned to his father for the password from the App Store because he wanted to download a game called Jurassic World. Just in case, and nothing fearing, a 32-year-old Briton scored yourself a password, as it was seen that the game offered totally free. Imagine his surprise and horror, when he couldn’t use the money from your card. A call from the Bank explained: within one hour his account was debited about $ 6,000.

The father of the Sludge is said that not very well versed in all modern gadgets, but, in his opinion, such a sum is impossible to spend on a tablet one day. According to the child, he didn’t know that spending real-world money. In the game, he “pumped” a virtual dinosaur.

We must pay tribute to Apple, who agreed to return the money to the parents, but from the punishment of the Sludge is not outmaneuvered. When asked what he thinks about this story, he said, “I was worried, I was sad”. And he added that now he was forbidden to play in iPad.

Meanwhile, the father was troubled by the fact that Apple will return the money only after 10 days. “£4,000 for the Apple – a drop in the ocean, he said. If they had a normal Finance Department, they would have immediately transferred the money to my account”.

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This is not the first case when “free” games are expensive. Last year the Federal trade Commission (FTC) ordered Google to pay $19 million for purchases made by children without their parents ‘ knowledge in the apps downloaded via Google Play.

To avoid such a situation if you have small children, before handing them your iPad or iPhone is to talk with them about what in-app purchases of virtual items are made of very real money, which earn mom and dad.

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