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Play Quake III Arena to the iPhone’s virtual reality

Recently there was a lot of words about virtual reality, its future forecasts. Any distance lose their irresistible, all the desires get instant execution, just a minute ago you were standing in the center of the room. And now you’re in a completely different virtual environment. You are wearing a helmet, and you are armed with a railgun, ready to break into the arena Quake III. Straighten the back, stretch hands and willingness to battle.

Thanks to the new fashion for Quake III Arena called DoomSpace to drive the iconic desktop shooter in virtual reality. Get bored in no time! In fact all the cards Quake 3 in an indescribable drive that you constantly feel.

In order to move into the arena, enough to have a VR helmet that is compatible with the iPhone. Downloadable gadget DoomSpace, insert the smartphone into the helmet, puts it on his head and – forward. From Quake III in a virtual reality get a special feeling. Violent, aggressive shooter is ideal for VR. This technology can be used in tournament battles, and multiplayer with friends and rivals.

How to play Quake III Arena in virtual reality mode with DoomSpace:

Step 1: Download the game App Store, click on this link.

Step 2: Download the archive at this link.

Step 3: Unzip the archive and save the folder with the files basefire on the desktop.

Step 4: Open iTunes, connect your iPhone with installed application

Step 5: in iTunes, Select your phone and then go to the programs tab “Shared files”.

Step 6: Highlight the game DoomSpace overwrite the unpacked folder (from the archive) basefire on the basefire in the “Shared files” in iTunes.

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Step 7: Start the game and switch to virtual reality on the smartphone, as well as the mode choice of weapon.

Step 8: Insert the iPhone into a VR helmet and enjoy playing Quake in virtual reality.


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