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Planescape: Torment – great roleplay with us again

Thanks to the wonderful habit of porting games, iPad (and with it the iPhone), which has been turned into a haven of great, but forgotten masterpieces. Especially lucky old-style RPG – not the best genre nowadays, mobile platforms are flourished, finding a second life. Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Knight of The Old Republic, Titan Quest… the list goes on. Users are happy – no need to fiddle with drivers, settings, compatibility and stuff. But in this shining crown for a long time something was missing. Something, perhaps, not so dazzling, but important and, in its way, even greater. Finally, the turn has come – now on your tablet you can play Planescape: Torment. Nameless, Wake up.

Most likely, the readers now secretly divided into two camps. The first caught a severe asthma attack, panting, with trembling hands, looking for the download link. Second, in bewilderment, shakes his shoulders – what are we talking about? While saving time first to explain how NOx looks on aypeda. Neophytes, not move away – not counting the next couple of paragraphs, the entire text is dedicated to you. And a little Morte.

The port began to do the same company that made friends Icewind Dale with small screens – so it has turned quite a high quality. The graphics got better: the background is bright and clear, the characters apparently copied. Venerable age (the game was released in the last Millennium), of course, seen his eyes, he cut the same Baldur’s Gate looks much worse. The interface is initially complicated and confusing – there are literally laid out on shelves right and left slender column are icons, below is the long strip. Appeared necessary in the 2017th elements: you can save one button (great progress!), collect loot and to highlight the active point. The sound recorded is new, and there is a log of the battle, but it is just the function obscure.

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Porting controlled by Chris Avellone, so there were no ad-libbing from intermediaries –judging by the reviews on additional campaigns to Baldur’s Gate, even better. The only negative that comes to mind – if you play without active illumination, it will be difficult to go into door, run the floor and fight: for some reason clicking in this field of work is very specific. Well no – given that there was a place for Korean, domestic consumers a little sorry. Especially if it is at odds with foreign – charm white is almost completely built on a mile-long texts, and without a decent level in here is off limits. But if the lessons you are sleeping, you are welcome.

Planescape: Torment is often called “the best RPG of all times and peoples”, but then you need to understand that this “luchshest” nothing like the same sense that Baldur’s Gate. If there is an academic concert the brilliant role of the school, all on the Ticker and strictly within the range of music here – punk rock. The best punk rock in your life.

You Wake up in the beyond the morgue – that was before absolutely incomprehensible, the body covered with tattoos, and overhead ground hanging in the air skull. Soon it turns out that you were dead, but somehow alive; the skull has a complicated relationship, but the tattoo is actually of note. So begins perhaps the most bizarre story in the world, stuffed with progressive amnesia, a cohort of unimaginable characters, a confusing script and a ton of amazing – sometimes funny, sometimes sad text.

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About quests and plot twists Planescape: Torment can talk endlessly – they are awesome – but about the game itself enough to know this. This is the visualization of suffering in its purest form. All more or less important party members are doomed to eternal pain, each for their own reasons. Even merry Morte and poor Anna has earned its share of suffering. And the world – the one that will leave your heart an indelible mark – like stressed: we all come to again and again to jump in the pool of pain and hopelessness. And then, perhaps, break the vicious circle.

And even Planescape: Torment was mesmerized by the maximum disregard for Canon. You used to chew on the stories about the paladin and evil? Spit on this stuff – here are more worried about a personal problem anonymous, but good (and bad) characters simply do not: each bears his heaven and hell. Or more mundane examples – in many RPG hero trains on rats, before doing something useful. Here the rats themselves rather practice on you is a giant brute buried fledgling Nameless for a couple of seconds.

However, sometimes – and this is another antithesis of the era – it is possible not to fight: charismatic Planescape: Torment is not just knocks a discount and a new branch of dialogue, and solves a whole garland of quests some negotiations. Talkative pacifist, armed with a dry skeleton hand, and private (purchased from the bartender) eye in the company of a scabrous skull, a huge soldier and a couple of questionable women (one tail, the second was in charge of the brothel) to decide how they live. Isn’t it a miracle?

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Is Planescape: Torment decent money, but there is nothing to complain about for this game should not be sorry to give 749 rubles.

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