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Pit-Stop where to call, if broken iPhone?

We all know one big disadvantage of our favorite iPhone strong not exactly call them. It is quite out of place on the screen formed a “spider web” (and there was nothing on the pavement to drop), then the Home button, God damn it, will cease to function properly, the battery refuses to charge. As a rule, rain falls on your head suddenly, forcing the iPhone owner to grab his head – what to do? The answer is simple – call the Pit-Stop.

The wizard will come to you within an hour (of course, within Moscow) and immediately diagnose any problem. Leaving itself free as diagnosis – so don’t worry that you will get the money on the basis of some contrived reasons. Specialists with all the necessary equipment that allows to solve almost any questions.

The service itself claims that the master can place the “correct” 90% of problems with appliances Apple. This figure includes repair/replacement of various components (power button, volume controls, cables, cameras, and so on), and software – troubleshoot failures in iOS. If your phone picked up the infection is more serious and requires, for example, to solder a motherboard, the device will be taken to a special service center. All other manipulations with your smartphone to happen in front of you – repair process extremely transparent.

At the moment, the service repairs the iPhone 5-th, 6-th and 7-series. The price depends on the device (obviously, the screen of “seven” to change more than the “five), but the cost of services will pleasantly surprise you. For example, sverhvostrebovannost glass replacement will cost about three thousand rubles. To change the microphone, Wi-Fi module or back camera – 2.500 thousand rubles. Parts from Pit-Stop original, so don’t worry about the quality of, say, a new Home button – will work not less than the previous one. In addition, the service provides one year warranty on your repair.

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To pay for services in cash as well as more advanced methods like Bank card or “Yandex-Money”. Given the battery of rave reviews on the website, you will hardly regret the call of the master – user in any case will not disappoint. In General, if you have a problem with the device, contact.

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