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Pipo W2: a review of the smart watch with a classic design

The adjective “classic” strange to see next to the word “smart watch”, because these devices appeared just a few years ago. Smart watches usually feature a screen print on almost any information. There are even mobile games for smart-watches. THL W2 deprived of the display, but nonetheless, have a lot of advanced features.

THL W2 attract the attention of many thanks to a classic, elegant design. Noble bright dial with classic arrows doesn’t show the device belonging to the class of “smart” wearable electronics. Silver or Golden stainless steel is also more like a luxury than fashion “youth” gadget. Externally, the Pipo W2 is more consistent with the concept of “elegant and expensive accessory” and not a “smart device”.

However, in the classical case hides quite modern on the inside, with plenty of opportunities. The gadget can be connected to the smartphone using a special version of Bluetooth Low Energy, consuming the minimum energy. Range – 20 meters.

I note that Pipo W2 work with iPhone (iOS 7.0+) and Android devices (4.3+). Thanks to Bluetooth LE device can operate on one battery for up to three months. Usually smart watches when more or less active use are discharged in one day, and they have to plug in to charge every night.

W2 will inform about the incoming smartphone call by vibration or sound signal. You can also set an alarm that will remind you of important event. With the help of portable computer you can even control the camera smartphone. Enough to run on the smartphone app, and the camera takes pictures when you press one of three buttons on the clock.

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The manufacturer has not forgotten about the fans of active lifestyle and sports. The “smart” clock has a built-in pedometer, motion activity tracker and sleep monitor. All the statistics gathered by the device can be viewed in a special Annex.

Case Pipo W2 is protected from moisture and dust according to the industrial standard IP53. Dive into the pool or sea in these watches, but getting rain or splashing when washing hands they will hold.

The dial of the gadget is closed with a sapphire crystal, the strongest material after the diamond. The sapphire glass used in Apple products. It is quite expensive, but the cost is worth paying higher strength and clarity of the material.

Pipo W2 is used in the Swiss watch company Ronda mechanism, which, as conceived by the manufacturer, ensures precision and reliability of the mechanical part of the device. The clock can boast of a special compound that allows them to glow in the dark for 6 to 8 hours.

The strap, available in two colors, made of Italian leather with a noble texturing.

Future owners of the Elephone W2 delivered from one of the major drawbacks of modern smart hours – short work. The device you wish to charge, in fact, every day is not very convenient, especially for business people who value their time. W2 is used in the battery, which can be easily replaced. The manufacturer reports that, on average, one battery device will last up to three months. “Normal” smart clock a record-breaking period of work while not even dreamed of. Another plus in the Treasury “classic” smart hours. By the way, included is one spare battery.

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Stylish minimalism and modern features – a slogan most accurately reflects the concept of smart-watches Pipo W2. Elegant classic design (steel and the strap is made from quality Italian leather), elegant dial dial, Swiss “mechanics” and typical smart watch functions.

Pipo W2 is available in gold and silver body colours. The strap is also in two colours – coffee and brown. The device is available for order in the online shop Gearbest for $79,99. On the promo code GBELE service offers a discount.

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