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Pictures in the new iPhone 7 found laser autofocus camera

In the vast site Weibo found the pictures representing the rear panel of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7. The photo is said to have captured a Golden version of the smartphone with a noticeable difference from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. As you can see, the hull shape is more rounded, and the antenna offset plastic inserts to the ends. In addition, users interested in the second hole between the camera and led flash near the hole for the microphone. Apparently, we are talking about the laser autofocus system, which for the first time, to debut on Apple devices. What advantages does this technology, to understand MacDigger.

The laser autofocus system is already applied in some top-end smartphones. With this technology, the gadgets are able to focus on the desired object within milliseconds.

Most cameras in mobile devices are used for prompting on sharpness called contrast autofocus. The name of the technology is directly related to the principle of its operation, which is the constant reading and analyzing the image with a matrix. Does this CPU. Its main objective is to move the lens in the search area with the highest contrast. Its presence is what we used to call “getting into focus”.

An obvious disadvantage of this type of autofocus is slow. The laser autofocus allows to solve the main problem of contrast focus.

The emitter, located near the camera of the smartphone, sends a thin beam of light that is reflected from different surfaces and returns back to the source. As a result of the determination of distances to objects are calculated and the required focusing parameters. As a result, significantly reduced the way of the lens to restore the focus — the camera immediately understands the direction to focus.

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Obviously, the biggest plus is the focusing speed and higher accuracy at close range. In addition, the laser is useful in dark areas where to focus using the contrast method is almost impossible.

First pictures of the new iPhone 7 leaked online in March this year. In the pictures it was evident that from the body of the smartphone missing transverse plastic strip, behind which the device of the previous generation antenna was located. The contours follow the curves of the upper and lower faces of the device is preserved.

According to recent reports, contract suppliers Apple has already started manufacturing new devices. In Cupertino, reportedly ordered the production of three models – iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 Pro. In the latter case we are talking about the version with two 12-megapixel cameras, which will differ by the diaphragm and the presence of optical image stabilization in a single sensor, and a 2-3-fold optical zoom in the other. Confirm or deny this information will be available in September of this year.

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