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PickPocket 2: the best solution to protect the iPhone from theft [video]

The loss or theft of your beloved iPhone could be a disaster truly universal scale. Once in the hands of a criminal, the smartphone could be a real weapon against its owner. As a rule, after stealing a thief studies contained on the gadget, trying to obtain sensitive data, and then changes the SIM card.

It seemed that once the device is lost or stolen, find or return to its rightful owner is impossible. But it is not. If your iPhone is installed PickPocket 2, you will be able to monitor any produced with the device operation, to prevent it off and even get a photo of the attacker and its exact location. PickPocket 2 – this antitheft system, well thought-out.

First of all, PickPocket 2 blocks off iPhone and activation Aviarium to the user is always able to track the device location via the Internet. The software also alerts the owner about the seizure SIM card and activate siren in case of wrong password entry. After several attempts, there is a loud beep with a message indicating that the device is stolen and must be returned to the rightful owner.

Another feature PickPocket 2 simplifies the search of the attacker in that case, if the theft took place. If you enter the wrong password the iPhone automatically takes a picture and sends it to the specified postal address. Thus, the chances to return the iPhone in case of using utilities increase significantly.

Among other chips 2 PickPocket – fake hard reboot with the alert to an owner, display the owner information of the device with buttons to call and send postal letters, the sound of a siren when you try to remove the SIM card and others.

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In order to use PickPocket 2, you will need device on iOS 10 jailbreak. The cost of the app is $1.99. The original version of PickPocket iOS 9 and iOS 8.

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