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Photographer: shoots video iPhone 6s is better “reflex” Nikon D750 [video]

12-megapixel camera with support for 4K video is one of the strengths of flagship smartphone iPhone 6s. Smartphones Apple for the first time can record video with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Professional photographer Fstoppers claims that the iPhone 6s camera records video cameras best professional level. He shot the video called the “iPhone 6s takes better video than my DSLR”.

“In this video we compare the 4K video on the iPhone, compressed to 1080p with the Nikon D750 in 1080p resolution. Spoiler: the iPhone has won”, – stated in the description of the video.

Fstoppers gives examples that demonstrate how much better the videos made on the iPhone 6s compared to Nikon D750. The average price of a 24 megapixel camera Nikon in Russia of 110 000.

“The point is that in ideal shooting conditions smartphone provides better color rendition, better contrast, better detail, better bitrate than professional camera, which we use every day,” says the photographer.

According to the specifications of the iPhone 6s, the phone can record 4K video at 30 frames per second. Standard Full HD gadget shoots 60 frames per second. Works great digital zoom. The device allows you to zoom in and to see objects, which at 1080p would be fuzzy. In Apple say that you have taken with the iPhone 6s 4K videos look so awesome that users will want to share them with everyone.

I must say that one minute of 4K video takes about 375 MB in the memory of the iPhone 6s. No need to have knowledge in mathematics, to calculate how quickly used up the phone’s memory. A 32-minute video clip as long as all are available in a Junior model 12 GB of free space.

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