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Photographer of Barack Obama have posted rare photos of the President taken on the iPhone

Pete Souza is an American photojournalist Portuguese origin and the current chief photographer of the U.S. President Barack Obama. For many years he photographed a formal event at the White house. Usually he uses professional equipment, full frame photo cameras and lenses. But in recent years Souza has decided to depart from their rules and take off on the iPhone.

In Instagram photographer posted a lot of rare footage of the President. During the election campaign account there has got Barack Obama, then his example was followed by Michelle Obama, and then so did the person who is responsible for completing the accounts of the President, first lady photojournalist Pete Souza.

An American of Portuguese descent worked as a photographer during the presidency and the funeral of Ronald Reagan, shooting for National Geographic, Chicago Tribune and Life, covering the war in Afghanistan. In 2005 Souza first met Barack Obama when he was just beginning the ascent to the presidency.

Since Obama’s in the Senate Pete takes pictures of absolutely everything that happens in his life. The official report of the President’s travels, family photos and more Sousa since 2009 publishes to Flickr, which uses as the official presidential service; now, he shares snapshots in Instagram account (@petesouza).

The world community received regular access to the White house, and Hollywood filmmakers can expect a lot of interesting discoveries.

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