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PhotoFast has introduced the 4K video microSD card reader for iPhone and iPad

PhotoFast has released a device for reading memory cards microSD 4K iReader, designed for iOS devices equipped with Lightning connector. Gadget passed formally certified by Apple.

The creation of new products, the company, was carried out as an urgent requirement owners of “Apple” technique to improve storage, transfer and backup data when iPhone 7. The new smartphone features a 12-megapixel camera that allows video recording high definition 4K, but at the expense of additional disk space and high bitrate. Given these conditions, PhotoFast has launched the 4K iReader reader.

With twin Lightning interface and USB 3.0 device allows you to use the memory card in accordance with the needs. In addition, 4K video supports firmware updates for the quadrocopter DJI. Users can download the firmware through the app PhotoFast One App, save the data in PhotoFast 4K video and update the drone DJI at any time and in any place.

PhotoFast 4K video can help users save up to 59 Blue-ray drives high-definition video or more than 10 mn of the songs in MP3 format (this is possible memory card 256 GB). Direct viewing via iPhone, instant access / download for a camera with manual control or photographing with the quadracopter, or games in the car or watching smart TV at home – PhotoFast 4K iReader facilitates all of these actions.

The company also updated the app PhotoFast One App. In addition to the usual music, photos, videos and contacts backup utility supports services like Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud backup options.

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