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PhotoFast Call Recorder: accessory for recording conversations on the iPhone to bypass the restrictions of iOS

PhotoFast started selling a very original device for the iPhone called Call Recorder. It can be used to record telephone conversations to bypass the restrictions of iOS.

The product is designed to record phone calls on iPhone and chat via the mobile instant messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber etc. the Accessory is equipped with a microSD card slot and a standard 3.5 mm Jack.

Call Recorder connects to the Lightning port of your smartphone. In the front part of the housing of the device is control buttons. Dimensions are 54 × 39 × 11 mm, weight just 11 grams.

Telephone conversations are stored on the memory card, and to manage the Call Recorder uses a special mobile app. Support for 48 kHz format without compression PCM promises original high sound quality.

In the mobile app, you can organize your incoming and outgoing calls. Call Recorder+ also allows you to edit, rename, copy, move or share files from external storage via e-mail or message. To protect important data, provided by the lockout settings and password.

Call Recorder sales in Russia will start at a suggested retail price of 5600 rubles.

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