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Photo: thousands of people came to see the opening of the first Apple store in Mexico

On Saturday Apple officially opened in Mexico its first retail store. Branded outlet of the company’s area of fifteen thousand square meters is located in the area Via Santa Fe. As expected, thousands of customers visited the store on the first day. Apparently, in Cupertino intend to continue unprecedented in its scale offensive on the international market.

The inhabitants of Mexico were standing in a queue to witness the opening of the first Apple Store in the country. “Crowds of visitors began lining up in anticipation of the opening of an Apple Store in Mexico. The opening of the first retail outlets in Mexico city means that residents of the capital available for all products and services in one place,” – said in a statement.

Apple CEO Tim cook has congratulated the people of Mexico with the opening of the flagship store. “¡Gracias por recibirnos México!”, – he wrote on Twitter, accompanying the tweet with a photo from the opening of the salon.

Note that since August this year Apple refused to name the Apple Store for its stores. The word “Store” has disappeared from all the pages of the official website of the company. On the web page of each mono-brand salon Apple no longer mentions the word “shop”. For example, “Apple Store, The Domain” is now “Apple, The Domain”, and the flagship salon in new York city on fifth Avenue renamed “the Apple Fifth Avenue”.

The new store in Mexico is called Apple Vía Santa Fe.

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