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Photo: the problem with scratches is not only the iPhone 7 in the color Jet Black

Before the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users not really thought about buying covers, as previous phones from Apple have been pretty solid. Last year, everything changed. iPhone 7 in color Jet Black, being covered with scratches just a few days, and by itself, the device quite slippery, so a protective case is simply necessary for these models.

Buying glossy iPhone 7, do you know what is coming, because the Network has been repeatedly published photos of the machine after a few weeks of use. Because of the problems of scratches and soiled cover, many buyers give preference to matte iPhone. But it is not all so smoothly.

On the website Reddit, Twitter and the official Apple support website, the owners of the new flagship complain that the display of the iPhone 7 is very quickly covered with scratches.

This issue has been discussed since last September, when Apple released the iPhone 7. The problem is not tied to a particular smartphone model. The iPhone’s display in any color pretty quickly covered with scratches, the only question is, you notice it or not.

Even if the iPhone screen is not concerned with anything except the fingers and the ear, and is always in an empty pocket in a few weeks to begin to receive noticeable scratches.

Apple officially calls the supplier of protective glasses for the iPhone, but, as expected, it is Corning. If this is true, then the Gorilla Glass has some problems with scratch resistance.

The only way to keep the display of the iPhone 7 in integrity and safety – use safety glass or film. Many of this option won’t like, because often such accessories are deprived of the oleophobic coating, and, moreover, spoil the design of the smartphone.

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