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Photo: the Japanese offered to shave with the iPhone

In recent years a proliferation of various iPhone accessories that expand the capabilities of the mobile device. Some accessories allow you to turn the smartphone even in the imager. You can often hear the opinion that it is a useless toy. But this can be said not on every device. AKIBA, the Japanese company has developed an unusual attachment for the iPhone that turns your smartphone into a compact shaver.

Device with rotating blades receiving power from the Lightning connector, it is also fastened mechanically. According to the developers, the product is designed for use in travel. How convenient it is to shave, holding a smartphone, the company said.

The power button on the case this razor the nozzle no, and it starts to work immediately after connecting to the Lightning port. The kit contains a brush for cleaning blades and manual.

However, those wishing to travel light, the novelty obviously like it. Moreover, the accessory costs about 290 roubles in terms of the domestic currency.

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