Photo post: Russian Railways presented a new reserved seat car

Photo post: Russian Railways presented a new reserved seat car

On the square of the Paveletsky railway station, the Russian Railways company showed the concept of a new reserved seat carriage. It is expected to undergo certification tests in early 2021, and in the second half of the year it will already appear in one of the southern directions.

Most importantly, the carriage has become larger. The amount of space available to passengers increased by 11%. The car is 73 cm longer than previous models, 28 cm wider, and the passenger compartment is increased by almost 3 m.

All this led to an increase in shelves. The side seats became 12 cm longer and 3 cm wider. The compartment was less fortunate, they increased only in length. But then immediately by 15 cm. Finally, fewer legs will hang down at night!

Each of the shelves is equipped with a pillow that is comfortable to lean on while reading or sticking in a smartphone. By the way, all places now have curtains, sockets, shelves for gadgets and, apparently, an individual reading lamp.

The concept shown assumes the setting of individual lighting, as well as areas of personal space. For example, a locker appeared right in the compartment area. And its location raises questions:

Part of the wall is pulled back. As conceived by the creators, this was done not so that you can hear the snoring of a neighbor who bought a seat through the wall, but for a comfortable conversation between fellow travelers. But the idea is strange.

For the safety of passengers, not only windows in the walls are implemented, pushing which you can cough at a snoring neighbor, but also air disinfection systems, as well as additional measures to disinfect the toilet and shower. Yes, there is a shower here too:

The new cars can be equipped with an air suspension system that minimizes vibrations and oscillations. This will increase the overhaul mileage tenfold.

The car is presented at the Paveletsky railway station until October 16. Access to it is free from 9:00 to 21:00.

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