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Photo: new Xiaomi smartphones lined up as for iPhone

Xiaomi is often called “Chinese Apple” for copying the style and manufacturer of the iPhone. Now it was noticed another similarity between Chinese and American companies. We are talking about the queues that are accumulated before the official Xiaomi stores before the start of sales of new smartphones Mi Note and Mi 2 Mix.

November 11, China launched the “Black Friday”, during which you can buy a lot of goods at low prices. In this regard, potential buyers who failed to buy Mi Note and Mi 2 Mix via the Internet, gathered in front of the shops Xiaomi.

Sales through the website are the main means of implementation of the company’s products, because this way she manages to adjust the volumes of the batches. This allows it to create more hype around their products.

In addition to the excessive demand the use of on-line sales allows you to save money in the supply of devices. Thus, Xiaomi is not necessary to invest in the value of their smartphones and logistics, as do other companies.

11 Nov retail stores stretched a huge queue to the doors of outlets Xiaomi. Despite the cold weather, potential buyers waiting for the start of sales of smartphones.

It should be noted that loyal fans were the first users of Xiaomi smartphones and formed a positive public opinion about brand products. This allowed the company to break out of niche Chinese manufacturers to gain a foothold as one of the world’s leading providers of mobile devices. In October, Xiaomi has opened in Moscow the first official store.

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