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Photo: MacBook Pro blew up in the hands of the owner

Apple should be interested in the incident, the culprit of which was lit-up MacBook Pro. The case occurred in the United States and probably would attract to much attention, if the owner of the laptop programmer Daniel Dollaris is not published on the page in a Medium of pictures of the shattered device.

The pictures we see pretty melted MacBook Pro in soot and with a deformed battery. The prehistory of fire is known only from the words of the owner. He said that he bought a MacBook Pro in 2015, and it used them up to this day.

“After lunch, I lay on the bed and surfed on the Internet. MacBook Pro unexpected shut down, says Doorways. – I turned it back on and after a few seconds, I heard strange whistling sounds, after which from the body the smoke, and from the rear of seemed to flame”.

MacBook Pro began to smoke, emitting whistling sounds. Security considerations the developer quickly moved the laptop into the bathroom and put it on the tile. After that, the laptop is still stronger than the smoke.

What has become of the MacBook Pro in the end, we can see from the pictures. Dollaris received strong burns of the fingers while he was manoeuvring the laptop.

“All I want to say: I have a number that was around when fired up the laptop. If you have a MacBook, be careful leaving it unattended on the bed. Battery explodes very quickly, you will need a minimum time response,” he added.

At the moment the cause of the fire computer is still installed, however the American says that always use only the standard adapter. The programmer plans to transfer MacBook Pro to Apple to carry out the necessary tests. The results of the research he hopes to gain during the week.

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