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Photo: iPhone 6s exploded after recharge

In early December, Apple acknowledged the problem with sudden shutdowns of the iPhone 6s. The company even has launched a program of free replacement batteries, explaining that the problem is caused by a marriage made in the manufacture of power sources.

The problem affected a small number of iPhone 6s that were released in September and October last year. And description of Apple emphasized that it is a no-brainer for owners of smartphones.

However, today, the network appeared the photo of the exploded iPhone 6s. Given the recent announcement that Apple made about defective batteries in the first batch of smartphones, the reason could be the battery, put it in PhoneArena.

According to the owner of the smartphone, the iPhone 6s for some time been in charge. But after the device has been disconnected from the power adapter, it suddenly went up in flames. The user at this point dropped iPhone on the floor. Photos show the charred remains of the iPhone 6s.

There is currently no evidence to suggest that this case is associated with a recognized Apple marriage: most of the companies claim that we are not talking about the threat of explosions. The iPhone owner did not specify whether he plans to contact about the incident in court. There is also no information about possible burns or injuries.

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