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Photo: in London opened a new Apple store

In London opened after renovation Central Apple store. The project of the new interior outlets worked firm Foster+Partners, which currently is building a new “space office” by Apple.

The architects have tried to use materials relating to the historical spirit of the building. Floors laid with marble, the walls were finished with stone Castagna, put wooden furniture and added bronze details.

The most notable part of the new interior, updated steel store ficus Ali in huge white tubs. 12 outdoor pots can be used as a seat, its upper part covered in leather.

The Apple store is divided into three areas: “Avenue”, “Negotiation” and “Forum”, each serves its purpose — to communicate with customers, partners, and events. Wall Avenue is an interactive showcase, which come alive products and services Apple: from music and art to apps, photos, and more.

“Negotiation” is a cosy room where the leaders will conduct personal consultations and training for entrepreneurs, developers, and other representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. Finally, the “Forum” is a meeting place near the wall. It hosts events from the series “Today in the Apple”, which acquaint local residents with the most talented artists, photographers, musicians, gamers, and developers.

The Apple store on Regent street was the first in Europe and opened its doors in 2004.

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