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Photo: hackers jailbreak the iPhone 7 in 5 days after the start of sales

The hacker and developer of unofficial nickname FOR Qwertyoruiopz managed to jailbreak the iPhone 7. No further details about ways of hacking the new Apple gadget is not known, but in confirmation of the attacker’s posted a photo of iPhone 7 with installed Cydia 1.1.26 (en-us).

Thus, hackers managed to hack the new iPhone operating system iOS 10.0.1, less than a week after the release of new items on sale. This means there is a chance for the imminent release of the jailbreak for the iPhone 7 Plus, as well as the possibility of creating exploits for future iPad with a new processor, Apple’s A10 Fusion.

Of course, such a photograph can be faked. However, in this case we are talking about a reputable hacker who has not previously been seen in the dissemination of fakes.

Currently, iTunes 10 is not available for any of the compatible devices. About the possibility of hacking the operating system last week told the developer Luke Todesco, who previously worked on exploits for iOS devices. In particular, he posted it on YouTube the hack the iPad Pro.

2-minute video hacker includes iPad running the new OS, and then perform a jailbreak and Cydia launches, Terminal, changes the skins in the Anemone. Apparently, the stake is poljoprivrednom jailbreak: shop with Takami opened only after the hacker turned the iPad into jailbreak mode.

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