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Photo: gold iPhone 6s got a new face of Putin

Brand of luxury smartphones, Caviar has introduced a new luxury model of iPhone 6s in an updated stylistic interpretation. In the phone Caviar Supremo Putin Alligatore flaunts “new” three-dimensional portrait of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

To create a new model, decorated with natural alligator skin that was especially designed upgraded surround the bas-relief portrait of Putin. The company noted that the new angle allowed him more expressive and characteristic”. Took the official portrait of the leader of the country presented on the website of the presidential Administration.

“We believe it is important to use an officially approved portrait of the President, this is the way that matches actual reality, for us of fundamental importance is the accurate transfer of the image of Vladimir Putin in the design of our phone,” said Caviar.

Due to multi-day jewelry work was created a gold sculpture representing the bust of Vladimir Putin, the crowning design of the phone.

The design used a gold plaque with the quotation the statements of Vladimir Putin: “Our people are strong, talented people, capable of unique achievements.

The value of the gold iPhone 6s, dedicated to Putin, is 179 000 rubles.

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