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Photo-fact: women began to dye hair color in iPhone

Instagram is gaining in popularity is a new trend women dye their hair the color of rose gold. The source of inspiration was the appropriate color of Apple smartphones.

As reported by Lenta, the social network appears more and more similar photos gain hundreds of likes. Shade selected in the color Rose Gold iPhone 6s. Trend support and professional stylists offering this option.

Before the wave of popularity had hair, painted in blue under the shade color of jeans. To achieve this color, individual strands must be lightened and then toned.

Another popular trend in Instagram: social network users post photos, putting iPhone to your feet. Thus, they compare the diameter of the kneecaps with a length of “Apple” gadget.

In the East it is believed that the brittle kneecap is not only a sign of slender legs, but also the benchmark for any girl who watches her weight, so Chinese ladies have calculated your “formula” for the dimensions. In accordance with her sharp little knees must be completely covered by the iPhone 6 Plus, if you place the gadget horizontally over them.

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