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Photo fact: the Russians have pitched tents at the Apple Store in Berlin waiting for the iPhone 7

The Russians took place in front of the main Apple store in Berlin waiting for the iPhone 7, which will go on sale not earlier than September 16 of this year. It is reported portal Life.

Russians settled on the sidewalk in front of the store. Tents and chairs were set on Berlin’s famous Boulevard Kurfurstendamm where they are during the week will be to wait for the iPhone 7. Despite some doubts about the soundness of reason, enthusiast turned out to be prudent – they’re the first to buy new smartphones for resale in Russia.

View campground on one of the most prosperous streets of Berlin evokes a lot of emotion from the Germans: guys tell how local are willing to buy into their jokes that they are refugees from Syria or that came to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on birthday. The Germans even photographing them as a tourist attraction the local scale.

Chances are, most of the lineup eventually will consist of Russians — those who came specially to Berlin for the iPhone 7 from Russia, and those who live in Germany.

The launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be held on Friday 16 September. Their appearance in the sale it was announced at the official presentation on the evening of 7 September when Apple CEO Tim cook introduced the device. Usually the sales start of the “Apple” of new products is causing a huge stir in the queues lined up at the Apple Store, traditionally, there are hundreds of people. But this case is really interesting – first in line for the iPhone 7 were residents of Russia.

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