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Photo-fact: Oleg Gazmanov is “Patriotic” iPhone with a star

Russian-Italian brand Caviar released a new collection of iPhone, dedicated to the defenders of Russia — representatives of the FSB, VDV, VC and all the armed forces. One of the first owners of the smartphone has become Oleg Gazmanov.

People’s artist of Russia became the owner of luxury smartphone from Italian jewelers. After securing the iPhone from titanium, released to the Day of defender of the Fatherland, the famous singer noted the importance of patriotism as a national idea:

“Now, at a time when the country is undergoing another turning point, such songs and such things as anchors, will cling and not allow centrifugal forces to tear us apart. Our symbols – the coat of arms, an anthem, and this phone has already become a symbol, he brings the right idea, here it is written: “Serve Russia”. It’s what we have to do everything.”

The musician chose a model of “Forza VS Russia” from blackened and brushed titanium. Gazmanov said that the design of the phone reminds him of the shoulder straps and even “tried on” the phone.

“Let the enemy smartphones will benefit our patriotism! Now, with this star, there’s nothing to do against us,” said the Gazmanov about the army star, decorating the phone.

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