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Photo fact: in the US, the iPhone 4 was submerged in the lake a year and a half and returned to the owner in working condition

The publication the Next Web talked about the miraculous salvation of the smartphone of Apple. The device had lain on the lake bottom nearly a year and a half, managed to return to life.

Smartphone iPhone 4 American resident of Pennsylvania Michael Guntrum made an extraordinary journey. Dropped out of your hands while ice fishing, he sank to the bottom of the reservoir. The device was lost in March 2015, it fell into the hole when Guntrum got out of the lake fish.

Six months later, the pond drained. And a year later, a mechanical engineer Daniel Kalgren searched dry the bottom with a metal detector. Then he found the lost iPhone, which lay under a layer of mud and clay.

Kalgren curiosity took the smartphone with me, washed it and put it in rice. Two days later, the gadget suddenly earned. Then he contacted Gunroom, which at first did not believe the caller. But then gratefully accepted the iPhone and decided to give it to his mother.

It should be noted that this is not the first case of miraculous resurrection iPhone after being in the water. Last year, the iPhone 6 Plus earned after two months of being at the bottom of the ocean.

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