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Photo booths with displays iPhone 8 caused panic among users: this is not the smartphone that everybody was waiting for

On Wednesday, the Network has extended a suspicious photograph of the new iPhone 8. The caused panic among Apple fans that refuse to believe that the smartphone will get this kind of design.

According to the author of the photo, the photo shows the front panel of the iPhone 8 at the production stage. Photo was taken by an employee of a shipping company which conducts inspection and testing of security of supply. It is, allegedly, about the mass production of Apple’s smartphone, and not test the Assembly.

The photo appears a smartphone with edge-to-edge design, but which is different from the previous leaks. In particular, the screen of iPhone 8 is not “wraps around” an earpiece and camera on top, and leaves a small frame to accommodate them. Below you can see the indentation from the edge. In a similar style flagship smartphones LG G6. In the upper part of the device is only one camera, not two as in the previous leaks.

Photos attached to the message of the user who made the “spy” shot:

“I work in the shipping company’s safety inspector at a large freight traffic. Check security of transit batteries. Lately I see a huge influx of iPhone with the Touch ID sensor on the rear panel, a few pallets per day. I have also seen displays, chips, Flex cables, housings. It is difficult to take a picture at work, but I managed to take a picture of the packaging displays iPhone 8 in a less protected area.

Trays with these displays started a few weeks ago. Volumes are increasing rapidly.

The photograph shows the tray display part of the iPhone towards Apple (I saw it on the transport label. This is repeated from day to day. A lot of these. More of them) from the supplier of Apple in Asia (the name is hidden for security purposes). Box was opened during the customs inspection and security check.

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Definitely mass production. The test batch is usually less numerous. It’s more than test production”.

Although by the pictures it is impossible to establish the identity of the components, it is argued that we are talking about components for the iPhone. There has been speculation about the Chinese clone smartphone, but the author argues that the recipient of the shipment is from Apple.

At the moment we can’t confirm or deny the authenticity of the photo. At least, it is likely that the new flagship will get alternative design with frameless design, given the previous numerous leaks.

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