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Photo: Apple Watch user in Russia almost blew up a battery while trying to update watchOS

Even the most reliable system sooner or later fail, and expensive, and time-tested devices sometimes fail. From time to time we hear about the spontaneous ignition of the iPhone. Usually it happens with not the new copies, although there are exceptions. MacDigger reader named Dmitry told about the problem with his “smart” watch Apple Watch, battery which nearly exploded while trying to upgrade the operating system of the device.

After the release of 3.2 watchOS Dmitry decided to put Apple Watch on the charger and install the update. As written in the guide, he placed the device on the magnetic adapter, and left the iPhone near. After 20 minutes with the Apple Watch, something strange happened: the front cover of hours squeezed out of the housing, and the battery swelled up, “turning into a little barrel”.

Typically, the battery swells due to the irregular course of the chemical reaction which is accompanied by the release of gas and increase in pressure. This battery case is deformed. Now return the Apple Watch in place is not possible.

Dmitry called Apple support, they told that this is the first such case and he should contact the official service of the company. The first call was on Sretensky Boulevard. Service center just said that “this is not a warranty case”, as the Apple Watch are in use for more than a year and that just to change the battery will not work. They can only send a gadget to US and in return give the same new one, “only” 17 000.

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The second call was on Neglinnoy in the Premium service. Here said that once the Apple Watch is less than two years, they may replace the battery under warranty but need a receipt, proof of purchase of the product. The Apple Watch was ordered on 10 April 2015 and paid in us Apple Store, so check there.

Dmitry turned again to tech support, where long found out the cause and eventually transferred to a senior consultant. He said that the smart watch bought in the US and it took 1 year and 11 months, so the yearly international warranty ended. Substitution is possible only at the expense of the buyer, though if the service center will contact the store, perhaps the exchange will be free.

But Dmitry, in his words, is not going to give up. He intends to go to the service and to achieve the free replacement, and if it does not then contact the main office, and apparently trial.

Be careful when charging and updating their Apple Watch!

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