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Photo: AirPods headphones sales started with long lines

Monday, December 19, Apple started selling the long-awaited AirPods wireless headphones, announced in September this year. Gadget appeared in retail stores a week after the start of online orders for the new product.

Online gadget promise to deliver no earlier than six months, with AirPods will be available in retail outlets of Apple. We are talking about a limited batch of headphones than partly explains the hype around the launch. To launch the headphones in front of the Apple stores in USA, Europe and Australia, with warehouses a number of gadgets lined up in long lines.

The first batch of AirPods were fully redeemed on pre-orders in a matter of minutes. If at the start of the delivery period indicated for two weeks, then almost at once he increased to three, and then four weeks. If he tried to order AirPods now, headphones will take until the end of January. While Apple may not satisfy all pre-orders immediately, she announced the start of sales of the headsets in retail outlets.

As you can see in the photos, those wishing to buy AirPods lined up at Apple stores, while the crowd formed even where the sale is not officially planned – from third-party retailers.

“About a dozen people in line at sherway Gardens shopping centre – wrote one Reddit user, to mention the store in Toronto. – The staff received about 40 copies or so”. Another user was third in line at the Apple store at Square One shopping centre in MISSISSAUGA: “Employees say about 50-60 pieces in stock”.

According to analysts, the situation with the lack of AirPods can continue even in the beginning of next year.

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