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PhoneRescue – powerful tool to recover deleted data from iPhone and iPad

iMobie PhoneRescue – is a tool for Windows and Mac is designed to recover deleted files on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The program recovers a broad range of data, including photos, notes, messages, contacts, call history, calendar, reminders, and even data from third-party applications. Supported devices running iOS 5 and above.

When you first launch the app prompts you to select language – English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese or Chinese. Next is the screen with the tips that will help when recovering deleted data. PhoneRescue wants you to send your Apple device in airplane mode, shut down apps in the background, as well as iTunes and other third-party programs, and also verify the reliability of the USB connection.

After that you will be available function directly utility – recover data from iOS device, recovering from iTunes backup files, restore from iCloud and recovery tools for iOS.

Demo version of PhoneRescue will scan only the device, but when I try to restore any information dialog will appear with a request of activation. In the settings you can select where exactly and in what format to recover some data. The program also allows you to download deleted information from iPhone or on the computer. Unpleasant finding was that directly to your smartphone or tablet, you can restore only the contacts, call history, messages, Voicemail, calendar, notes, reminders and Safari history, everything else is just for the computer.

Recovery from iOS device

This method is suitable for recovery of deleted files from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that is not synced with iCloud. In this case, you will have to connect the device via USB, and it should be recognized by the computer. Immediately after you connect the gadget at the bottom of the program you will see a banner.

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After that, the program starts analyzing the device. The analysis process takes a little time – scanning iPhone 32 GB ended in just a minute.

Upon completion PhoneRescue will display all data that can be recovered by grouping them in categories – “Personal data”, “Media”, “application Data”. Downstairs you will find two buttons: “restore to device” and “Restore the computer”.

Restore from iTunes backup

The second option is suitable for those who have a mobile device or it has been lost, but there is at least one backup made through iTunes.

After PhoneRescue will find iTunes backup, again will start the data analysis. Now, we are in approximately the same interface with a list of the found content.

Restore from iCloud

If you regularly sync your iPhone, iPad and iPod with iCloud, you can specify the Apple ID and password and restore the backup from the cloud.
As in the case with iTunes backup, the next step is to choose the device and the particular backup you want to restore and click on Download button.

You can then restore all the data found, but they were taken from the iCloud and can be downloaded directly from iCloud, so not much point in this feature yet.

It should be borne in mind that the version of PhoneRescue for Mac only supports backups made on iOS 8.4 and below, due to security restrictions in macOS.

Recovery tools iOS

If your iPhone is left in a perpetual reboot, not boot after update or you need to exit Recovery Mode, use the fourth operation mode of PhoneRescue.

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In this case, the iPhone is healthy and necessary in the reconstruction work there, what program and reports.


iMobie PhoneRescue is a great app that does its job 100%. The interface is simple and intuitive, despite the fact that the support of the Russian language there. Of course, there is no 100% guarantee that in the event of data loss you can restore the entire content, but in the process of testing the software found 90% of the deleted files.

Not without its flaws. For some reason when you restore from iOS device the program displays the files that are still on the device.

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