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Philips in the fall would make “smart” Hue bulbs with Apple HomeKit [video]

A year after the announcement of the Apple platform HomeKit for it presented the first device. Among the pioneers were companies Lutron, Insteon, Ecobee, iHome and Elgato — they will start selling their new products in the near future. Now they were joined Philips.

Philips offers the most innovative solutions in the field of lighting systems of new generation. Today the company has officially confirmed that the smart bulb line Hue will work with the Apple platform. While no details were not announced, in September Philips will tell you all the details.

Led bulb Philips Hue include the ability to change the color of lighting in different rooms, to vary the brightness level, turn on and off the device using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

A basic set of Philips Hue costs $199, additional led lamp will cost $59 apiece. The high price is due not only “smart” filling, but the longevity of the product. Philips Hue can work 15 years or 15,000 hours continuous illumination) and consume five times less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs.

The opportunity to make friends multicolor Hue bulbs with Apple HomeKit will be available later in the fall.

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