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Philips has restricted third-party smart bulbs connect to the Hue bridge hub

Philips has banned third-party manufacturers of smart bulbs use possibilities of the Hue bridge hub. According to CNET, the latest firmware update has completely blocked the work of such solutions.

Products the Philips Hue series are popular and sold at many markets. They support the Zigbee protocols, allowing you to use your smart bulb with other devices “smart” home. However, the manufacturer, apparently decided that it is already sufficient weight on the market, so the “help” of third-party companies is not required.

The latest update for the hub Hue bridge blocked the work of other lamps that are compatible with this unit. Lock, in particular, applies to all products that do not fall under the affiliate program Friends of Hue.

“We see a growing number of compatibility issues associated with the use of untested third-party products. This prevents our further development and impairs consumer properties of our solutions and the Philips Hue ecosystem as a whole”, – explained in the company.

The concept of smart houses involves the collaboration of thousands of diverse devices with uniform standards. But Philips opposes this idea, as it requires from the partners, additional costs would only benefit her. Today, in a similar way you do business and some other manufacturers.

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