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Phil Schiller talked about the refusal of the Home button, getting used to the gestures and the date of launch of the iMac Pro

Senior Vice President of marketing at Apple gave an interview with British magazine T3, as 9to5Mac has published some interesting quotes.

According to Schiller, Apple decided to abandon the Home button before Face ID could replace her.

“At the time it seemed almost impossible. For us it is a great achievement.

Obviously, there was a time when we took the decision to install a screen that takes up the entire front panel. It also meant that you have to aband on the Home button and make a secure facial recognition technology”.

Apple Vice President also said that despite the long use of the Home button, users quickly got used to the new gestures. Phil Schiller added that people try to use the same gestures on other devices with iOS. But the question of refusal from the Home button in the iPad he refused to answer.

“Most people need no more than 30 minutes to get used to the gestures. It’s not the sort of thing you have to get used a week or two.”

Schiller confirmed that in contrast to the HomePod, iMac Pro will go on sale in December 2017.

“We are approaching the time of launch of the iMac Pro. This will happen very soon in a few days.”

This is the second interview of Phil Schiller in December 2017. At first he shared his opinion about competitors Face ID and explained the delay by the HomePod.

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