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Phil Schiller on new MacBook Pro: creating the best products in the world, the price of an afterthought

After presenting the new MacBook Pro edition CNET published an interview with top managers of Apple Phil Schiller, Jonathan Aviom and Craig Federighi. Company executives shared their vision on the future of personal computers.

The development of the OLED touch panel of the Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro was conducted over two, said Jonathan Ive. According to him, the touch mini screen marks the beginning of a new era of portable computers. The delay in the release of the new generation laptops, Apple explained that he wanted “not just another gain speed,” and make a “big step forward”.

Phil Schiller noted that the new MacBook Pro will allow Apple “to create many new products”, including those which the company is not yet able to speak.

Many users were disappointed with the cost of the new Apple laptops. The 13-inch model with the Touch ID sensor will sell for $1799 – $500 more expensive than its predecessor, and the version with the 15 inch display will cost at least $2399 rubles. Is Schiller said that Apple creates new products “by thinking first and foremost about price, and on consumer properties of the devices.”

“For us the really important question of accessibility, said Schiller. But we create products with an eye on the price, and with the expectation of feeling and quality that people expect from a Mac. Sometimes this means that we have to put a high price. But it’s not a goal, that’s not what we think in the first place,” explained Schiller.

In the Apple was given to understand that the appearance of the touch panel in the MacBook Pro does not mean that soon will be released a Mac with a touch screen. As Ive said, Mac with a touchscreen not too easy to work. Apple has studied the possibility to merge iOS and Mac, but finally, it decided to give up.

“A few years ago, we have given this matter a very long time. In the end, I came to the conclusion that to create the best personal computer cannot transform a macOS in iPhone, Schiller said. – Similarly, it is impossible to turn iOS to Mac. Each of these platforms is perfect in itself. They borrow something from each other, but without fundamental changes to the very nature of these platforms.”

Schiller and Federighi are sure that form factor laptops will exist for years to come. “As far as we can judge, this form factor will always have a place,” he said.

New laptops available for pre-order on the Apple website. In Russia, the 13-inch model with a Touch ID panel is available at a price of 145 000 rubles, version with display 15 inch will cost 190,000 rubles. MacBook Pro model without a Touch panel Bar is already went on sale for 120 000 rubles.

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