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Phil Schiller: iPhone strikes a perfect balance between size and battery capacity

The day after the WWDC presentation Vice President of worldwide product marketing at Apple, Phil Schiller gave an interview to a reporter Daring Fireball John Gruber. In communication with the journalist he answered questions about iPhone with 16 GB of memory, the new MacBook with a single USB-C and capacity of batteries “Apple” technique.

During the interview, Schiller was asked about the 16-Gigabyte iPhone: a few it is advisable to produce a model with such a modest amount of memory. Schiller said that the small amount of internal memory is compensated by the access to iCloud services.

“The bottom line is that we more and more use iCloud for documents, photographs, videos, and music,” said Schiller. – This memory is justified from an economic point of view for users who want to pay less, relying on cloud storage”.

The top Manager noted that the cost reduction in the creation of a 16-Gigabyte iPhone modifications allows Apple to use more expensive components to other parts of the entire line of devices.

Discussing the issue of design and battery capacity of mobile devices, Schiller said that it’s always a compromise. The desire to increase the battery by some manufacturers, results in the deterioration of consumer properties of electronics. Apple seeks to maintain a perfect balance. Besides the increase in the thickness and weight too capacious battery will take longer to charge, said a top Manager.

With regard to a single port at a new 12-inch MacBook, Phil Schiller, and recognized that this computer is “not for everyone”. However, in taking such decisions, Apple is looking to the future, in which there is no place for the devices connected by wires. According to Schiller, he wants to continue to see Apple’s “brave and always willing to take risks”.

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Podcast Gruber involving Phil Schiller will be released on the website Daring Fireball soon.

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