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“Petka 2. Judgement day” – it is a shame when it is visible

Strictly speaking, the company “Buka” there are exactly two reasons to forgive her the trash that was coming out of her dungeon last ten to fifteen years. First – they were published in Russia third “Heroes”. Second – we now write about it.

The first (and probably fourth) “Petka” was released, when the phrase “Russian quest” yet had no offensive shade – it will appear later. Then “Petka” everyone loved me: a true Russian, even Russian humor, weird, but sometimes interesting puzzles and atmosphere, existing only in our latitudes. For example, in each second frame of the man was seen drinking vodka. The second part of the “Petka” appeals to the same principles and values – that’s only 17 years they radically changed: instead of decadent drinking and post-Soviet jokes, the ball is ruled by other things.

The plot – well, you probably remember. Aliens kidnap Vassily Ivanovitch and make him iron man – the subtitle of “judgment day” here for a reason. They don’t like it and he, along with Petya decided to go in the future, thence to medicine could cure. In the future to get easier than it sounds – an apparatus for moving buried right under the village gady

The second Chapter “Petka” is held in emigre circles of new York of the late 60s, but the Russian spirit of the game not sure even panoramic views of the statue of Liberty. Each is drawn, by the way, from the hand of the frame – some important element of Russian culture. Alcohol flows like water (not for nothing that three men who drink vodka in 1917 in rural backwoods, magically appear in 1969 on Brighton beach – Russian alcoholic lives outside of time and space).

Petya happily reports distinguished American publisher about the ability to play the balalaika, and the political Commissar Furmanov pasted the room with posters of Lenin and naked women. A lot of humor about hazing Petka and Vasily Ivanovich – between them, as between Batman and Robin, constantly betrays homosexual Fleur; the jokes about the interchangeability of the words “violence” and “rape” here are duplicated more than once. In this hotbed of national stereotypes was a place strictly things in the spirit of the time – for example, a young bill gates amassing vents. Bored, in General, will not be – but not bored just a fan of very very specific humor.

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The puzzles in the game are intricate but hardly distracting from that era – you can try Grim Fandango, there is also a big mess. One can hardly guess at what times you would think to stick a wheel from “Harley-Davidson” in the ceiling of the cave, that he took upon himself the reflection of a deadly laser, but definitely you will feel plenty stiff upper lip when using cunning chains of revenge boorish seller with Brighton beach.

By the way, that in the republication unexpectedly revealed that the second “Petka” is a pretty short game. If about to remember what to do and not to solve problems of logic and other more dense method (to poke at everything), the application proluchaetsya for a couple of hours. And it would seem…
With the porting it happened moderately decent. Graphics – same as was (and could pull a permit, but Oh well), the main menu screen and actions are caused by light touch. The only problem – Petya’t always understand where he is asked to go. To have to repeat. And repeat.

Strictly speaking, it is not clear how all this relates. How to nostalgia? Yes, it is – who in his youth defiantly laughed at the jokes about rubber woman, who probably did not smile, but the old year will remember. As one of the rare good domestic projects? Sorry, by the same Grim Fandango, though with reservations, but played in our time well. “Petka” – no. His humor is outdated, the atmosphere is drunk Russia ceased to be so relevant (and rather irritating than understanding grin), and the management of these mystery was in the last century.

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169 rubles – the normal fee for an hour and a half session to return to the past, but if you’re going to really play the game – let’s see something else.

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