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Personal budget: smart planning with Smart Finance

The mobile app market is constantly updated. The appearance of “raw” and unchanged programs – is not uncommon, but sometimes a release come out really good and useful news. One of these programs and discussed today.

Smart Finance app for personal Finance management. With it you can determine exactly how much available funds you have for a certain period of time. These “free” money can be spent on repayment of loans for the purchase of something what you long dreamed of, or to be invested to generate additional income.

Advantages Of Smart Finance

The convenience of this app is that you need to enter the amount of available funds and the planned amount of revenues and expenses once and you will see your financial situation. To financial plan remain relevant, you need to update the data.

However, there is no need to have multiple sources of costs (clothes, books, gasoline, insurance). You have three main categories: mandatory spending, casual and optional.

I wanted to add that knowing your actual financial situation and helps you to concentrate on more important goals and not be distracted by unnecessary spending.

Ease of use and design are the main advantages of Smart Finance

In addition, Smart Finance, there are other advantages:

  • The app will always remind you to make a loan payment or to pay utility bills.
  • You do not need to synchronize the program with the cloud or other devices. All information is stored only in your phone. Safety is one of the main factors in the financial business. Also you can further protect your financial plan by a pin code or Touch ID.
  • There are several sources of income or expenses in different currencies? This is not a problem when planning the budget. Smart Finance will convert all proceeds into the base currency to make it easier to navigate in graphs and to analyze its financial position.
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App features

App Smart Finance is your personal Finance assistant that is constantly at your fingertips. The program will help you to create a personal financial plan and will demonstrate the situation. Smart Finance allows you to compare income and expenses to understand not leaving you in minus a few months or, conversely, can afford a major purchase.

The app is free, but it has and paid functions. These include medium and short term planning, as well as loans and deposits. Subscription costs 1200 per year. Now gives developers the ability to use advanced features for one month free when you subscribe. Read more about this on the page of application in the App Store.

The detailed forecast of cash flow will help you determine how much money for a potential investment, you have monthly or annually.

Credit is one of the mandatory items of expenditure of many citizens. The app will help you to anticipate and plan for the repayment of loans, taking into account the possible amount of additional prepayments.


The application has a fairly simple interface that does not distract from the main task. Smart Finance has certain advantages that deserve the attention of every user. In our view, this program currently is the most sophisticated app for managing personal finances. Recommend to download Smart Finance to verify this independently, making personal financial plan.

Don’t want to see it? Smart Finance is already waiting for you in the App Store

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