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Perfect smartphone such iPhone 8 easy tear Samsung Galaxy S8

Close your eyes and try to imagine the perfect smartphone. What would it be? First, no physical buttons. Button – an unnecessary vestige, that we inherited from the antediluvian cell phones. Future besknopochnogo, dazzling neon and smells awful out of the box iPhone. This smartphone will have no visible framework: the whole front side will be busy, bright display. Although the “front side” or “frame” is not the right definition, in the same way dictated by our past experiences. Most likely, the smartphone of the future will be a bright thin screen. Remember how in sci-Fi films of recent years depict the technique: the triumph of minimalism, light, impalpable design and large displays.

An important issue is security. A dozen years ago to protect mobile phone, we invented the password of four digits. And even today not too far removed from this: we still need to reach for the button located under the display panel, and often to enter a password. A smartphone does not have this throwback, you just touch the screen and he knows that you are you. It would seem, at what here 8 iPhone and Galaxy S8?

Fierce confrontation of the two largest mobile markets are two fundamentally different approaches, West and East unfolding before our eyes here already almost ten years: the first model in the line of Galaxy S appeared on the shelves in June 2010. All this time public opinion took the Korean giant catch-up role, largely true. And the joke about the two Korean designers, iPhone stroke of a pencil, appeared not on an empty place. But now, in 2017, the two companies not to have changed roles — they both were in a position to catch up. At this time, as the very ideal both took the averaged image of the smartphone of the future, which we have drawn the paragraph above. And let Samsung and Apple chose a different trajectory to a brighter future, it seems that somewhere in the final of these roads intersect.

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Of course, the video shown below is just a concept iPhone 8, but the concept is quite believable and quite appropriate to what we expect for the next flagship Apple. The gadget provided and a stylish stainless steel frame and glass rear panel with a system of two cameras, and, of course, frameless design with a display that is directly adjacent to the bottom frame of a smartphone and leaves only a small space for the earpiece, sensors and 3D camera at the top.

This year Samsung got rid of the frame around the screen and the physical buttons on the front side of the housing. However, the Galaxy S8 is clearly not up to the ideal, as many decisions are half-hearted: as, for example, transferred to the smartphone on the back side of the housing a fingerprint scanner, right next to the camera. In this concept we see that Apple avoids this drawback by embedding biometric module directly in the touch screen.

There is no doubt that this year we will see a corresponding solution from Apple. Some innovations in Galaxy S8 really intrigued, some skeptical cause to raise an eyebrow. Four years ago the owners of Galaxy S III promised that the smartphones will be able to turn the pages on the screen, capturing the appropriate eye movement: this function has been transferred to the next model, but its physical manifestation was far from ideal. Now Galaxy S8 seems to be able to remove the lock with a scanner iris of the eye, but this feature proved to be very impractical. Voice assistants have become commonplace, though often disappointing, and now Samsung has introduced its own technology Bixby. It all sounds interesting, but the implementation still a lot of questions.

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In any case, the Galaxy S8 is a step towards the perfect smartphone of the future. But the sequel, we will see very soon: a presentation of the new iPhone is scheduled for September of this year.

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