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“People are waiting for the new iPhone 7, and Apple will show one more “six”

In the first quarter of 2016 Apple recorded the first ever decline in iPhone sales that affected the company’s stock. Of course, the flagship of the 2015 iPhone 6s cannot be called a failure. But the most successful model it can not be called. Despite a number of improvements over its predecessor, including 3D display and Touch reinforced body, no radical innovations have enabled the company to reverse the General stagnation in the mobile market and to increase sales to the desired level. Now it all depends on the new iPhone, which will hit the market this fall. In this case, as it is very difficult.

Businessinsider columnist Keith Leswing believes that Apple this year is taking a huge risk. The alleged iPhone 7 will receive some serious upgrades on the hardware level, but will not be much different in design from models already present on the market.

And that could mean that Apple is changing strategy and moving from a biennial cycle to a triennial update. It is not excluded that the novelty will not even be called “iPhone 7” and will continue the lineup of iPhone 6. According to the journalist, such an approach is risky for the company’s future: this year consumers are waiting for a completely new iPhone, but Apple will show another “six” that blow to Apple.

A survey conducted by the publication Quartz, indicates that only 10% of current iPhone owners want to buy a new model this fall, the company will not change the design of the device. Even the most devoted fans of the brand, who for several years annually update their smartphones, you can skip the September new.

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Deutsche Bank sources claim that Apple is aware of the future difficulties and have no plans to make new smartphone in record numbers. This means that, at least, until next year, the company’s sales will decline. A new surge of iPhone sales should be 2017.

Deutsche Bank analysts received information from sources among Apple’s suppliers, and made a rough list of what we will see in the iPhone this fall:

  • Model “Plus” with dual camera for better shots, and 3 GB of RAM.
  • The standard model with improved camera and optical image stabilization.
  • Improved sound. Perhaps stereo speakers.
  • Fully waterproof case.
  • Touch the “Home” button that simulates a click with the help of vibration. This button will last much longer than the current mechanical.
  • New and unique color patterns.
  • A waiver of a standard 3.5 mm audio Jack for headphones.
  • Adapter Lightning-to-3.5 mm is the Lightning headphone.

Whether models with similar characteristics to ensure the growth record iPhone sales? It is not excluded that Apple is, indeed, difficult times are ahead. Although, as they say, time will tell.

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