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Pencils for $100: American Urgant ridiculed Apple’s live event [video]

Loud the launch of Apple trying to make fun of different comedians, comedians and users on the Internet. The September presentation of the iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and the new Apple TV is parodied in the popular American TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The first thing that drew the attention of comedian Jimmy Kimmel often the use of the word “awesome” at the presentation. “Awesome”, according to lead, Apple has almost everything: a screen with photos, experience using, keyboard, slim case, stylus and even the processor inside the new iPad Pro.

Stylus Apple Pencil, at the launch of the Apple humorists criticized for its price. The presenter called it “a pencil for $ 100”, and the new 3D Touch technology, which detects pressing force to the screen, means that the iPhone 6s is the most needy of affection smartphone in the world.

The movie was so popular in the English-speaking segment of YouTube that it translated and voiced by famous actor and humorist Andrei Bocharov.

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