Pegasus can now collect data from iCloud, Facebook and Google repositories.

A spyware program called Pegasus from the Israeli company NSO Group is now capable of retrieving user data from Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft cloud storage, the Financial Times reports.
Malicious software company NSO Group has already managed to declare itself in May of this year. We are talking about an incident related to a vulnerability in the WhatsApp messenger, which allows installing a malicious program on the devices to spy on users with a single call. Once on an infected device, Pegasus can collect credentials for access to cloud services Google Drive, Facebook Messenger and iCloud. The spyware program can perform all operations without “initiating two-factor authentication or displaying a notification of unauthorized access.”

NSO continues to reject all charges of espionage or hacking. However, the company has never denied the fact of technology development.
Amazon said there is currently no evidence of successful Pegasus attacks on its cloud services. However, the company, like Facebook, has promised to investigate. Apple and Microsoft announced continuous improvements in the security features of their platforms. Google has not commented on the situation.

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