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PeersTV: free how to watch TV on iPhone and iPad

With the help of mobile applications Peers.TV you can turn your iPhone and iPad to a TV with dozens or hundreds of channels. Free.

If you like to watch TV series and shows, and TV at hand, you can use the app PeersTV, offering a large list of popular TV channels. Interface and operation the program reminds YouTube: user from the first minutes falls into the category of the most popular gear for the last time. Detective series and major sporting events always take the first lines in the top as per day, and for a whole week.

Before viewing “direct connection” shows the schedule for all the shows that were held recently. If you want you can go to viewing missed episodes of a TV series or newscast.

The built-in player allows you to not only adjust volume but also to put live transmission on pause, scroll back and view the missed part of the transmission. In the recommended list will appear with all previous episodes programmes and similar broadcasts. Under video you can find short description.

Favorite channel is marked with an asterisk and sent to a special section of the user for its transmission. Now all your favorite channels are at hand.

A separate category broken transfer about adventures and movies. They are stored in the cloud, so you can not worry that you will not have time to watch a movie childhood tonight — he will definitely remain in the memory of the application.

If you are not a fan of small screens, can use AirPlay or Chromecast, which translates the image on large TVs. In this case, no need to pay for cable or satellite TV, because everything is transmitted over the Internet.

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Service PeersTV designed to replace the bulky television sets in the house on a simple program on your mobile device. Friendly interface, intuitive control and the sea favorite TV shows on the smartphone screen.

Download PeersTV for iPhone and iPad at this link, the version for Android here.

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