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Peek Screen 2.0: “microhouse” to protect the iPhone screen from prying eyes

Few of the iPhone owners love it when someone completely stranger trying to peek in the screen of a smartphone. However, such situations occur regularly and virtually any situation: in public transport, in stores, in lines, etc. Specially for such cases we developed a special protective glass which is sufficient to impose on the display of the iPhone. Thanks to a special optical technology, the image on the screen can see only the person who is directly in front of the gadget.

Accessory Screen Peek 2.0 is designed to ensure the protection of confidential information in any position – both vertical and horizontal viewing mode. Anyone who tries to look at the iPhone display from the side or from above will not be able to take anything apart.

The development of Slow Labs allows you to view information on the screen in any position. You can go from landscape to portrait mode and back. Smartphone owner can clearly see the image on the screen, but the voyeur outsiders see only a black screen.

Also by reducing glare, minimizes reflections in adverse lighting conditions.

Peek Screen 2.0 – the second generation glass from Slow Labs. One of the main advantages of the updated design – high transparency. Since we are talking about the full glass, the level of transparency reaches 87%, much higher than solutions, 3M, ZAGG or Bodyguards. When using standard films the picture noticeably loses brightness: the picture is dark, even if you increase the brightness of the screen.

Second, the decision by the canadian developers offers reliable protection from scratches and mechanical damage and eliminates fingerprints thanks to an oleophobic coating. Peek Screen 2.0 is thinner and cheaper products of competitors.

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To start the production of glass Screen Peek 2.0, compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, the Canadians launched a campaign on Kickstarter. A few days they managed to raise the necessary $ 15,000. Pre-order the novelty value 32 of the canadian dollar at this link.

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