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Pebble: Apple deliberately delaying the application for Pebble Time

The owners of the smart watch, the Pebble Time, deliveries of which began in late may, was faced with a serious problem: in the Apple store there is no application required to configure the device. The developers novelties accuse the manufacturer of the Apple Watch in deliberate delay in publishing the official client in the App Store.

On Twitter there were numerous complaints from owners of the smart watch, the Pebble Time, which cannot use device. “Pebble Time is here! Too bad that don’t have iPhone apps” – outraged the Douglas Gympl. “I already have the Pebble Time, but there is no app for iPhone. Thank You Apple!”, says Jim Williams.

The maker of the popular smart watch believes that Apple is intentionally delaying the release of the Pebble app. The program sent for approval to the App Store 22 may. Since then its status has not changed. Users Pebble Time before the release of the client may not use an electronic bracelet together with iPhone, software for Android devices already out in Google Play.

According to some, the first version of the Pebble app Time was sent for review in early may and was approved, but then the developers have prepared a big update with bug fixes. It just delayed the moderators Apple. In Pebble would be happy to update at least the existing application intended for hours the previous generation, but the consideration of the next update in the Apple stretches from April.

Of course, after the start of sales of Apple Watch, the company is not profitable to support the Pebble Time. But allegations of deliberate delay in the application limiting user access to a competing product, seem strange. Although the part of the manufacturer Pebble, apparently, it looks that way.

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Apple no official comments on this issue were not provided. The developers of Pebble appeal to buyers hours to apply directly to the California company, to change the situation.

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