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PayForInstall – download-and much more

On the Internet there are about a million ways to freely share and approximately 999 thousand of these methods turn out to be a fraud. But there are really functioning options that did not involve gambling or selling online. For Example, PayForInstall.

The thought put in PayForInstall, is quite simple: you download a app from the App Store, you get paid for it. The salary of a Manager of “Gazprom”, of course, can not count, but pay for mobile communication is probably enough.

How it works. You download the app, there is posted a list of various tasks to install any game. The description indicates, how much you will pay for it (typically 5-20) and also spelled out possible nuances – for example, some games can be downloaded, only being a resident of Moscow. Quite often for download added the need to write a review: but then pay higher. After reading the description, you click on the link in the App Store click “upload” and, in General, all the money to come through immediately.

By day, there are from one to twenty jobs that allows you to make a month from one thousand to ten thousand roubles agree, for easy money on the Internet, it’s pretty good. Probably best to have multiple platforms at once – to perform the job and for iOS, and for Android. The accumulated funds can be withdrawn in several ways: on the mobile phone number, QIWI wallet, Webmoney or spend on voice in “Vkontakte”.

If you manage to get on the app a couple of friends, then the bonus will be added 10% of their transactions – that is, at a certain skill and developed communication skills, you nothing to download, but only to collect money from percent other.

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A normal person, obviously, must be wondering – why would anyone even something pays. Here everything is quite simple – the developer of the app is helping other developers create a database of plants – this helps to bring the app to the top. As a rule, to reach the top of the store by genre, enough about a thousand plants – of course, company-beginner this amount is dialed slowly. This help to achieve the authors PayForInstall, and that you, ultimately, is the privilege to lead the order into execution. Accordingly, some portion of the money the sponsors of the service pay their employees – that is, users.

The system, in General, transparent, and most importantly – the most honest. This is not some casino and other segments of the Internet Scam; this is a small but stable earnings in the Internet. Besides, quite interesting – on the way you can discover the many worthy applications that you missed.

Probably PayForInstall you can recommend to students, Junior students and Housewives – those who have enough free time, but not very sufficiently with money. However, the realization of the first point is not necessarily on a daily “work” with PayForInstall will take maximum 30 minutes in total. Or less.

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