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Pavilion Mobile – the labyrinth of the mind

Despite the endless arms race – all these tons of gigabytes of RAM, multi-core processors and creepy video, mobile games are still hard to call beautiful technologically: even the best examples, flaunting cool lighting and texture people fail at something else – at least the volume levels. Why cute designs are not those that drain your phone in 15 minutes, and cool from a design point of view of the game, which may be left not so many resources but a lot of human talent. Pavilion Mobile is one of these.

You Wake up in the middle of it is not clear why – whether of the maze, or abandoned cities, or both. Maybe you do inside someone’s drunken fantasies – many decorative elements to it zealously hint. The game additionally do not explain; do get used to it, text will be almost. Everything to know about the world is obtained exclusively empirically – light taps on the smartphone display.

And the first experience that you will experience is an attempt to get out of the intertwining streets, stairs and lights. Pavilion Mobile che reminiscent of Monument Valley and other geometric IQ cubes, but with one Central difference: it is very, very tricky and it’s extremely large levels – in the head that just will not hold. You, relatively, go down there, the gate is locked. Find the key a few streets below, return at the gate – the interweaving of lights, buttons, and drowned in moss houses. Lanterns have a toggle button to pull (but in sequence), and that there is in the homes – no one knows. Including you – to a point.

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So it will be a little wrong to say that Mobile Pavilion constructed like a puzzle – this is partly true, but only partly. Here you will mostly spin riddles, shuttling between painfully confusing areas. But still – to find out what is going on: launched by the veil of mystery surrounding the game, does not pass until the final. And what is hidden in this strange place – the main mystery that will haunt you.

Oh and one more – how little, in General, the company was able to draw like that. This! This is, again, not an ode to technology (although in Google Play, the game was released for the powerful Nvidia Shield) and “the seventh reason to buy the iPhone” a true explosion of design ideas and talent. Lost in time and space of the city, which sryvaet lone traveler, the same uprooted and houses that surround it. Pavilion Mobile want to spend as much time as possible – because nowhere else will not be so anxious and curious at the same time.

A journey through paint someone else’s fantasies will cost you 299 rubles – given the appearance and General, so to speak, the level, the price is acceptable. Moreover, it is only the first piece of the puzzle; the second will be during the 2017 year, and I want to believe that it will be equally successful – the first edition of lifted the bar to an impressive height.

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