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Pavel Durov went to cooperate with the Indonesian authorities after a lock Telegram

Pavel Durov responded to the blocking of Telegram messenger in Indonesia and expressed readiness to cooperate with the authorities of the country. The claims of the government related to the use of application extremists. The businessman announced the hiring of moderators for prompt removal of inappropriate content.

As explained by the movements in the official statement, the Telegram was blocked after the company received notification from the government with a list of public channels that spread the content of the terrorists, and wasn’t quick enough to react to it.

Durov called the situation “a misunderstanding” and said he will take steps to remedy the situation. Telegram will create a team of experts “with knowledge of Indonesian language and culture” to quickly block the channels. The company has limited access to these channels and sent a request to the Ministry of communications to establish direct contact with the authorities.

The actor hopes that the moderators can quickly and adequately respond to reports about the content associated with the terrorists from this region.

“We formed a special team of moderators who know Indonesian language and culture so they could more promptly and thoroughly verify the content related to terrorism” — said in a statement.

Durov stressed that the company adheres to a privacy policy, but not a friend to terrorists. The message about removing extremist content, the Indonesian authorities sent, and now the Creator of the popular messenger hopes for a quick unlocking service.

Indonesia began the process of blocking the Telegram on July 14.

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