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Pavel Durov thanked users for their support and promised to sponsor administrators VPN and Proxy

Pavel Durov commented on the first 24 hours of blocking the Telegram and announced the creation of “Digital Resistance.”

Durov accused the Roskomnadzor to block millions of IP addresses of servers Amazon and Google. The founder of Telegram also explained why he cares so much for Russian users.

Thank you for your support and dedication Telegram – together we managed to survive the first 24 hours of blocking.

As shown last night, in their war with the progress of the Supervisory authorities of Russia are ready to block millions of IP addresses cloud hosting, regardless of losses of foreign projects.

In addition, the Russian authorities are struggling with independent services proxy/VPN, many of which no longer work (if this occurs, disable the proxy settings in Telegram and try to find another).

Although the Russian market is a substantial fraction of the user base of Telegram, it is important to us for personal reasons.

In its channel in the Telegram, Durov posted a message part from the “Vkontakte” and added that a Telegram has about 7% of users in Russia. According to him, even if Telegram will lose all Russian users, organic growth in other regions compensate for the loss within a few months.

But the main announcement was the creation of “Digital Resistance” — a decentralized movement in defense of digital freedoms and progress. Within this Association, the actor will pay bitcoin grants to owners of Proxy and VPN. According to Durov, he is willing to sacrifice millions of dollars from personal funds for the sake of Internet freedom. It also encourages everyone to participate in the development VPN and Proxy.

Follow the news in our Telegram channel (if you can bypass the lock), as well as in the app on iOS MacDigger.

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