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Pavel Durov has criticized Apple CEO Tim cook for being slow

The founder of the social network of “Vkontakte” and the head of Telegram Pavel Durov has criticized Apple for being slow with the update checks at application. His appeal to the head of the Corporation he has published in his Twitter account.

In the message, the businessman said that the price of Apple is estimated at more than $750 billion, and it operates 115,000. In this regard, the actor finds it strange that on checking the updates for the mobile app Telegram takes a few weeks.

“Apple, which costs $750 billion, the number of employees of which exceeds 115 000 people, it takes a few weeks to check regular update for Telegram. Mismanagement?” — wrote the entrepreneur, referring to Apple CEO Tim cook. The CEO does not publicly responded to the criticism.

Probably talking about the update that will add Telegram support voice calls. Beta functions appeared in the application in mid-March 2017.

March 30, messenger introduced a feature calls with encryption. While this opportunity will be used only by the inhabitants of Western Europe, other regions brush up on access functions later.

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